Safety Procedures
May 29

COVID-19 Information and Procedures

Required Health Questionnaire form for each rehearsal


Required Daily Health Questionnaire form for campers

Due to the recent restrictions required by the governor in response to the COVID-19 crisis, we are amending our camp experiences this summer. Below are the new camp descriptions, guidelines, and dates. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at We are looking forward to our special summer camps!

We will adhere to the recommendations set by the Governor and limit the number of campers accordingly. We will also utilize both the upstairs space and main theatre space in order to maintain proper social distancing guidelines.

Because of the nature of social distancing, we have decided to not do full productions and instead, do a gala type of camps. This allows the students to perform in multiple numbers, in smaller groups, and allows each caper to be highlighted in a special musical number.

The dates for the summer camps are as follows:

Summer Stardom: High School theatre, June 15-20

Summer Stardom: Middle School theatre, June 22-27

Summer Stardom: Elementary School theatre, July 6-11

Summer Stardom: Dance Intensive, July 13-17

Social distancing guidelines will be observed. Campers will be required to wash their hands frequently and before lunch. All lunches will be served by our staff with disposable gloves.

For the safety of our audiences during theatre camp performances, we will have seats set up in such a way as to maintain the social distancing.

Rehearsals/Performances for Upcoming Shows

All participants, cast and crew, will be required to answer seven questions directly related to potential co-vid contact before allowed to enter the building. The form is linked at the top of this page for all cast and crew members.

All participants, cast and crew, will have their temperature taken before entering the building.

Chairs will be placed 6 feet apart during the rehearsal process. For choreography rehearsals, people will be placed according to social distance guidelines.

Cast members will not be allowed in the building until the group before them has gathered personal items, cleared the building, and our crew members have sanitized the space.

All hard surfaces will be continuously wiped down and sanitized throughout the rehearsal process.

If a cast member feels sick, they must contact the rehearsal instructor and await further instructions.

Although the state does not require the use of masks, we do encourage mask wearing while cast members are in rehearsals for their safety and the safety of others.

All social distancing protocols will be followed during rehearsals and performances.

For the safety of our audiences during theatre performances, we will have seats set up in such a way as to maintain the social distancing.

Want some more information? Contact Sharon.