Spring Classes begin the week of Monday, January 8.

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Spring 2017 Weekly Class Schedule

Day of Week Time Class/Lesson Instructor
Monday 5:00-6:00pm Act It Out!
Thursday 4:00-5:00pm Musical Theatre
Thursday 5:00-6:00pm Contemporary/Jazz
Friday 4:00-5:00pm Tap I
Friday 5:00-6:00pm Tap II/III
Multiple By appointment Private Lessons: Voice Sharon
Multiple By appointment Private Lessons: Acting and/or Improv Lizzie
Multiple By appointment Private Lessons: Guitar Matthew

Class Descriptions

Act It Out!

Learn how to act and create a character in this class! Children will practice working on stage with others, staying in character, and delivering lines with emotion in a comfortable and supportive environment. Stage direction, clear delivery of lines, working with others, and applying theatre games are just a few of the skills we will practice weekly.

2nd-5th grades

Musical Theatre

Learn acting basics, including the physicality of acting (movement of body and projection) and the internalizing of the character (facial expression and line delivery). Students will be taught a few songs with choreography and blocking to be performed at a showcase at the end of the semester.

8th-12th grades


This class is a combined lesson of both contemporary and jazz dance. We will spend time learning the basic technique of each style of dance, stretching, conditioning, and working on combinations and full pieces. Students should wear comfortable clothes. Jazz shoes preferred.

7th-12th grades

Tap I

This class will focus on learning and developing a basic foundation of tap skills and moves. We will be developing rhythm, style and sound while perfecting and combining the basic tap moves into combinations. No experience necessary for this class! You will need to provide your own tap shoes, dress in comfortable clothes that you can move in and come prepared to have fun!

6th grade+


In this class we will be learning and developing a broader, more advanced set of tap skills and moves. We will be working on advanced combinations and full tap pieces all while having a blast! You will need to provide your own tap shoes, dress in comfortable clothes that you can move in and come prepared to have fun.

By experience.

Private Lessons: Voice

Taught by Sharon Carter

Rachel Eve teaches voice to all ages and has experience teaching all genres, from musical theater to opera, country to jazz, pop to bluegrass. Rachel Eve is passionate about helping her students find their own unique voice, and the right venues to best showcase their talents.

All ages and skill levels. Mostly available evenings and weekends.

Private Lessons: Acting and/or Improv

Taught by Lizzie Charlton

Take your cold reading, audition monologues, and character development to the next level with one-on-one coaching. We'll focus on finding your voice as an actor matched with the confidence to share it!

All ages and skill levels.

Private Lessons: Guitar

Taught by Matthew Smock

For beginners of all ages. Need to provide your own guitar.

Learn beginner music theory, basic ear training, guitar scales, chord and scale technique, finger-picking and strumming styles, and how to analyze a guitar tab or chord chart.

Registration & Resources

We require two forms for registration. Please dowload, fill out, and turn in at the studio with payment. We do allow some students to enter a class late, so if you or your child are interested in a class, please contact us at